Chicken relaunch set to fly

From Strategy

Introducing a new flavour range was an opportunity to explore a strong communications strategy with fresh creative.

McDonald’s brief was to develop a creative strategy that revitalised existing chicken choices and introduced new products with a bang.

Central to the campaign was the focus on encouraging a reassessment by the consumer, promoting McDonald’s as the market leader in QSR chicken category.

Our creative strategy was to focus on the flavour cues and distinctive sauces of the chicken range and utilise a suite of point-of-sale merchandising solutions that could be rolled out nationally.

To Store

A comprehensive suite of point-of-sale merchandising was created in order to generate shopper disruption at key touchpoints.

Communication elements included window posters, menu board translites, outdoor banners, packaging design and in-store signage.

Digital menuboards ‘heroed’ the range using animated graphics enhancing customer engagement while creating message cohesion and consistency.

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