McDonald’s Steak Wraps & Salad

Fresh Food. Fresh Merchandising.


From Strategy

The McDonald’s brief was to develop a point-of-sale that enticed customers to explore the new Steak Wraps and Salad and to revisit some old favourites brought back for a limited time. The campaign focussed on promoting a reassessment by the consumer, positioning McDonald’s as a real and fresh food destination.

Our strategic solution was to create a shopper disruption through point-of-sale that encouraged customers change behaviour. By focussing on the real and fresh qualities of the Steak Wraps and Salads and the excitement of old favourites being back on the menu we developed a suite of point-of-purchase merchandising solutions that could be rolled out nationally.

To Store

A comprehensive suite of point-of-sale merchandising was created in order to generate a shopper disruption at key touchpoints.

Communication elements included menu board translites, packaging, photography and in-store signage.

Digital menuboards ‘heroed’ the range using animated graphics enhancing customer engagement to create cohesion and consistency

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