Reinventing a Summer Favourite.

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Summer is a time to cut loose, turn up the volume and enjoy the beautiful Australian weather.

With the launch of $1 Frozen Coke at McDonald’s, we were briefed to design packaging that was highly engaging, provided a talking point, and dominated competitor’s offers. We investigated the opportunity, understanding that the design should feel fresh, with a youthful focus on summer and its essential elements: fun, friends, and food.

Working with an open brief encouraged creativity and strategic thinking as we used the initial outline to add value and develop a new point-of-sale item that could accompany customers through all their summer activities. Our strategic solution was to create a point-of-sale item that customers could use in a fun and light-hearted way. By creating a unit that could be incorporated into the customers life with little set up and no further financial outlay we created a speaker system that anyone can use and that could be distributed through stores nationally.

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The use of distinctive typography to illustrate musicians on the cups packaging was an eye catching and differentiating device. The cups are unlike anything released before and serve the dual purpose of being visually engaging while illustrating the cups second usage as speakers.

The speaker unit was created using the $1 Frozen Coke cups as amplifiers, which could be set up and used with any phone or music player. The unit uses the two cups to amplify the sound with a middle connector unit acting as a stand for the player.

The unit was used to highlight the partnership between McDonald’s and Pandora radio and offered value beyond the product and $1 price point, incorporated a QR code for customers to scan to access a free trial of Pandora One radio.


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