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From Strategy

The long-term partnership between McDonald’s and GuihenJones facilitated an open brief… we were tasked to explore digital signage for “store of the future” at the McDonald’s Castle Hill Customer Learning Lab.

Entrusted with developing and managing the digital menu boards strategy for the “store of the future” we explored the customer journey in a digital ecosystem.

Our strategy created an integrated digital ecosystem with consumer focussed content. We identified the best opportunities to utilise digital menu boards with greater flexibility to compliment the customer’s in store journey.

We developed an adaptive and accessible solution that has the potential to be rolled out through McDonald’s stores Australia-wide.

To Store

Updating the look and feel of the digital screens with animated content allowed for improved communication of menu items and greater segmentation of the menu to position items more appropriately to consumers.

By studying and assessing the sales data, we were able to create a schedule that included seven separate day-parts to appropriately position stock to the customer base. Tailoring the timing of content on the screens allows for a more targeted strategy and demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of digital signage solutions.

Through our Strategy-to-Store process the “store of the future” is a vibrant digital ecosystem, where everything from content to scheduling is designed to maximise impact and build engagement.

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