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From Strategy

We were approached by Marilyn Bracks to oversee the creative development of her website. Heralding from 30+ years involvement in the fashion industry, Marilyn’s innate knowledge of beautiful design translated across to website development and allowed the brief to be creative and innovative – pushing the boundaries of styling and design.

The collaboration process was of heightened importance as it centred around creating a user friendly online presence that expressed Marilyn’s own creativity. It was vital that Marilyn’s aesthetic was articulated clearly and confidently through the design using beautiful fashion illustration to position the brand as a leader in the fashion styling industry. Marilyn is passionate about the industry and her creative vision became key to the look of the website.

Marilyn’s knowledge of beautiful design gave us the opportunity to unleash our creativity to create a strategically sound, beautifully designed website that immersed the user in Marilyn’s world.

To Web

A variety of design templates were explored for the website to ensure that we were creating a design and user-friendly experience.

The user experience needed to translate the beauty of fashion and design into an easy to navigate website. As such the web architecture that is intuitive to navigate was developed to work across all platforms, including tablet and smart phone.

The artisan approach was then explored with the watercolour and ink illustrations of our in-house illustrator. Each illustration captures the personality and individuality of the client and creates an intrinsically interesting space for the information about Marilyn and her business. The result is a bespoke, lively and vibrant website that embodies the clients sense of style.

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