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From Strategy

Australians love to travel! But because you should never judge a book by its cover, we needed a fresh approach to promote this world-famous brand. If we wanted to give people a memorable in-store customer journey, we’d have to get them excited about their bigger journey before they’d even picked up a book. We needed a distinctive, attention-grabbing branded experience in one of the country’s most iconic bookstores.

To Store

The largest travel guide publisher in the world deserves a big presence! We gave them one by designing, developing and distributing an interactive, immersive and (most importantly) inspirational airport-themed shop-in-shop in Dymocks, Sydney. Taking over an entire section of the flagship store, ‘The Hub’ leveraged that exciting airport departure experience with P.O.S, signage, shelving and even a number of branded reading ‘terminals’ for on-the-spot daydreaming.

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