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Over the last 157 years, Holden has grown to more than 250 dealerships across the country. Using over 20 years experience of working day in, day out for the largest and most successful franchise operation in Australia, we won the business in February 2013. Since then we’ve applied our unique Strategy-To-Store™ solution to their brief of “flexibility, reliable service and a one-stop-shop to seamlessly take care of everything.”

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We understand franchising and know what drives successful brand-owned networks. So when it came to promoting Holden’s showpiece June 4-day-sale, we designed, developed and distributed an enormous amount of promotional material and point-of-sale including: customer catalogues; press ads; emails; showroom posters; windscreen banners; pricing points; polo shirts; baseball caps and even balloons. And if any dealer runs out, they can instantly order what they need online, directly from us.

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