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Reigniting an iconic Australian retail brand


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Every time you step into an Australian Geographic store, chances are you’ll discover something new. But not if it’s too well hidden! When Australian Geographic came to us as part of an overall refresh, their brand was in deep hibernation. So after completing a detailed audit of their stores, we designed, developed and distributed an entirely new, franchise-wide, retail experience that ‘inspired discovery’ in customers young and old.

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Australian Geographic consumers have a great sense of adventure. In order to make the most of this, we created a consumer journey based on discovery and ease of navigation around measurable merchandising hotspots. Using clear messaging and memorable characters, our full brand concepts and executions included: in-store P.O.S; window displays; branded breakout spaces; online banners and imagery; and a range of unique take-home catalogues (or ‘Frogalogue’ as we call them).

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