Part III: Working the red carpet

Tom Cruise is the King of the red carpet! He goes to multiple premieres for every one of his movies and is famed for spending hours talking to fans, working the line, taking selfies and pretending like he’s everyone’s best pal. To promote Edge of Tomorrow he even held premieres in New York, London and Paris… in the same day!! Why? Because like him or loathe him he’s an experienced pro that knows a project isn’t over just because it’s ready to be launched. I never thought I’d hear myself say this but we could all learn something from the self-proclaimed “inventor of the international publicity tour”. You’ve planned, you’ve researched and you’ve spent a good chunk of money getting the Digital Signage package that suits your brand, your business and your budget. So now what? Well, now comes that hardest and most important part – getting it in front of viewers and giving it the best chance of being a success. This is where a lot of brands and stores fall down by skimping or cutting corners, but if you follow our tips and tricks, you can easily make the most out of the most effective form of in-store advertising.

Content is still King

Sorry, I know you’ve heard this a thousand times before but it’s still true. And you should remind yourself of it as often as you can because if your messaging looks cheap and nasty then your brand will too. As well as being eye-catching, relevant and beneficial to your consumers, remember to be clear, be interesting and, above all else, be brief.

Get a stylist and a schedule

Please don’t try and create content yourself. You’ve hired a carpenter to build your shelves, an electrician to wire your premises and a plumber to install your toilets (I hope!). So why would you try and create content yourself? Unless you actually have the skill set, invest in an expert and get yourself a (good) designer. But get your money’s worth – work by setting a bank of 20-30 messages and assets you’ll want to roll out over a scheduled timeframe and get them all done in one go.


A lot of Digital Signage packages are user-friendly and will allow you to upload content yourself but you might need an engineer or programmer – especially at the beginning. It is critical that you plan who is going to maintain your messaging, if they have the necessary skills, what they’re going to be saying and when they’re going to be releasing it upon your customers. The Internet is full of anecdotes about interns who were given access to the store’s screens with dire consequences.

Current is Queen

If content is King, then the Timing of it is next in line to the throne! While it’s essential to know way ahead of time what message you’re going to display and when, you can’t really display an ad for sunscreen when it’s been snowing all week. But if you could offer half-price sunscreen in an unexpected heat wave, that would be effective. That’s the power of Digital Signage – versatility is its most potent marketing weapon. 

This just in

Fast food chains have been trialing this very thing by reducing the digitally displayed price of their ice creams during heat waves. When Zayn Malik left One Direction just before Easter, Lidl’s Digital Signage was displaying Easter Eggs with ‘1/5 off’ the next day, before selling out of them that evening. Digital Signage is also allowing different brands to experiment with other technologies in their repertoire such as Snapchat and Facebook. They can integrate their messaging across these different platforms to ensure what’s being said online is also true in-store at the very same time.

How to be current

While it’s not life or death for your Digital Signage strategy, it’s a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal if you can be current, relevant and most importantly, topical! So have a contingency plan (and budget) set aside for getting one-off messages created when the need arises. Keep your branding and messaging current and you’ll keep your audience interested – just Google ‘Oreo SuperBowl Tweet’ to see one of the best and most famous examples of brilliant timing.

Preparing for your world premiere

Be as ready as you can be and then be brave! You’ve done the hard work, the research and the planning and now it’s time to start seeing the fruits of your labour. It’s important to observe your target audience as they observe your Digital Signage. See if they smile at it, stare at it or even notice it at all. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they think because that’s one sure way to ensure they see it! 

Be realistic

The average shopper goes around a store on autopilot, noticing less than 40% of the products they pass (Source: Nielsen). So not everyone is going to notice your Digital Signage, not all those that do will like it and it’s not going to work on everyone. But it will work – Digital Signage generates 32.8% growth in repeat buyers (Source: Avida). So be realistic, be patient and be rightly optimistic.

Never get complacent

Keep on top of your Digital Signage. Don’t let messaging become out-dated, irrelevant or worst of all incorrect. You now have a fantastic technology at your disposal, don’t waste it!

Is it working and is it worth it?

Whichever way you look at it, something that has the potential to greatly improve your business or your brand is going to cost money, and rightly so. Yes Digital Signage has a high initial upfront cost but compare this initial cost against the cost associated with printing, distributing and maintaining your current printed material and, depending on your circumstances and requirements, you could recoup your investment within two years or less. 

Bang for your buck

When it comes to profits, your Digital Signage often is only as good as the offer it’s promoting. Yes it’s half the battle just to get people to see what you’re selling, and informing them about the product will help, but if it’s not a good deal they may chose to ignore it anyway.

Save time as well as money

Your Digital Signage’s electronic deployment capabilities will greatly reduce your turnaround time for releasing a message, promotion or product information. Plus, your ability to centrally manage it will massively reduce your operational costs associated with traveling, distribution, re-printing and administering your promotional material.

It’s not all about the money

The rewards of Digital Signage are not just profit-based. 41% of shoppers admit they’d be more likely to visit a store with digital signage (Source: Riano, S. 2009), so there are massive customer experience benefits as well. Helpful, interesting, entertaining and even funny Digital Signage relaxes shoppers and a happy customer is a ready-to-buy customer. What’s more, with 87% of Millennials being more comfortable using a digital menu (Source: Accenture), Digital Signage is fantastic at engaging a younger demographic.

Sign up for the sequel

If you’re happy with how things are going, why not invest in some additional Digital Signage? If one type has shown to improve sales, solve problems, impress shoppers or all of the above, another type will only serve to build on the foundations you’ve laid down. When you do invest in additional touch points, it’s critical that they work together. Consistency amongst your different messaging points helps deliver a seamless in store experience, reduce shopper confusion and present a professional image of a brand that takes itself seriously.

Blaze a trail

Digital Signage is breaking new ground all the time and Australia is leading this growth. With further breakthroughs happening all the time, you can get ahead of your competitors by keeping up to date on the latest capability enhancements. For instance, the latest emerging trend in Digital Signage is interactivity and gamification. Embattled retailers are fighting back against the lure of online shopping by creating ‘destination outlets’ that entertain and engage customers in new, exciting and often extremely elaborate ways. As more and more of the biggest brands in this country implement digital engagement solutions in their stores every day, there’s never been a better time to join what is quickly becoming the future of in-store shopping.

Finally, remember to talk to the experts

GuihenJones are Australia’s leading in-store retail communications specialists. For more than 30 years, we have looked after the needs of the country’s biggest brand-owned networks. As the demand for Digital Signage has exploded across Australia, we stay ahead of the curve to ensure we give our current and prospective clients the best expertise and the most cost-effective solutions to match any strategy. So if any of what you’ve read over the last three installments of our guide to Discovering Digital Signage has whet your appetite and you too want to stay ahead of the curve or out in front of your competitors, we are here to help. All you have to do is contact us today to get started.