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We are in-store retail communication specialists
We help you sell more by connecting with your customers.
we offer a comprehensive suite of services designated to deliver
integrated solutions and get them into store.

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GuihenJones is one of Sydney’s leading creative marketing agencies. From Strategy-To-Store™, GuihenJones is your one port of call for outstanding design, development and delivery of attention-grabbing work. Read more

Here at GuihenJones, we offer expert retail marketing strategies to the biggest brands with the biggest retail networks. We’ve been doing it for over 30 years, 20 of those with McDonald’s.

GuihenJones also helps retail brands power their communications with digital media solutions – engaging customers from beginning to end. Our approach to retail merchandising centres on our reputation as adaptable marketing consultants with specialist in-store knowledge.

Our dynamic suite of clients, demonstrates our wide skill set and our evolving attitude to solving retail challenges. We embrace the new, transforming digital landscape head on – it’s what excites us!

Specialist retail marketing services are at our core – improving the customer experience with new and innovative communication solutions.

GuihenJones provide expert solutions and deliver them error free. We do it with no involvement of third parties, on time and on budget. We are one independent agency without silos. We drive market presence, we drive results and we own the process.

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